Outpatient Counseling

As part of our commitment to the community, Beacon provides outpatient therapy for adults, elderly, adolescents and children.

The focus of outpatient psychotherapy treatment is to improve or maintain an individual's ability to function as well as alleviate symptoms that may significantly interfere with functioning in at least one life domain (e.g., familial, social, occupational, educational, etc).

Outpatient therapy programs tend to be helpful to those individuals who require occasional participation in a therapeutic environment. Outpatient therapy programs allow individuals to work on a variety of personal or relationship issues such as loss, depression, careers or job loss while keeping up with day-to-day activities.

Our individual outpatient therapy program can address emotional issues in a comfortable, supportive setting with a focus on the following:

  • Assessment of symptoms and evaluation of treatment options
  • Attainment of cognitive and behavioral skills needed to manage symptoms and develop new social supports
  • Identification of behavior and attitude changes necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle