Psychiatric Hospitalization

Seniors face tough challenges like loss of independence; grief over a spouse’s death; and declining ability to manage one’s daily needs and one’s home. These challenges are all the more difficult when the older adult also is dealing with medical conditions, decline in physical ability and repeated hospitalizations or Emergency Room (ER) visits.

Due to the unique challenges faced by seniors, Our Inpatient Geriatric program is designed to provide short-term acute treatment for patients 55 and older suffering from depression and other mood disorders, changes in behavior, suicidal preoccupation and major decline in functioning and behavior changes due to dementia. The goal is to assess the combined medical/behavioral/environmental factors that contribute to each patient’s problems in aging and then come up with an intervention plan, both during and after the hospital stay.

Clinical services may include:

  • Comprehensive and multidisciplinary biopsychosocial evaluation
  • Psychopharmacologic evaluation and management
  • Psychological and brief neuropsychological assessment
  • Safety and independent living skills evaluation
  • Stabilization of the patient's acute psychiatric conditions
  • Crisis-oriented family therapy and psychoeducation; caregiver support
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation/recreational therapy